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Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love

McDonald’s Hands-Free Door

McDonald’s is a place where people come together.  People of all ages can enjoy time and  conversation over hotcakes and sausage or a cheeseburger and fries.  McyD’s was a favorite spot of Kenadi and Gramma Jean.  The only hiccup in their plan to enjoy their hotcakes: there was no hands-free entrance.  This prevented Gramma Jean from easily maneuvering Kenadi’s kid cart into the establishment and prevented many other individuals from easily entering or exiting the restaurant.  Team Kenadi took this problem to heart and made it a priority to get fixed as soon as possible.  After a letter to the owner Calvin Dardis, he called on October 17th saying that he would grant our request on behalf of Kenadi and for the benefit of all the customers they serve on a daily basis.  Spearfish Electric & Heating installed the handicap activation push button on November 3rd, allowing easy access to and from the café. The family of Kenadi Jean Weis, her Foundation and the entire McCommunity sincerely thanks the Spearfish McDonald’s for continually improving their operations and enhancing their customers’ experience.

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