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Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love

A Testimony from Alissa

To say that the Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation simply found me a Respite Care giver for my son is an understatement; I gained my life back! I had a year’s worth of unused respite but no one understood what it was or how it worked. Whenever I mentioned the words “special needs” or “autism” it seemed that no one wanted any part of that. How could I blame them, it’s a lot even for me as his mother. I believe it was destiny that led me to message The KJW Foundation!
While waiting at yet another therapy appointment for my little boy, I was reading the newspaper and read about the great work Kenadi’s foundation was doing to help families with special needs children, which included respite care! I felt as if God was saying, ‘Here, you deserve a break!’
Shortly after messaging the Foundation Gramma Jean found the most perfect person to watch my son! For once, I got to breathe, grocery shop and work on a deteriorating relationship! It was the light at the end of the tunnel. It was exactly what I needed to be the best mom I could be, to appreciate my sweet, beautiful boy that I have! To not view him as a full-time job but as a little boy I am gifted to enjoy and love!

I owe the smile you see on my face and the joy I have in my heart, for all of my children, to The Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation!

Thank you!
~Alissa, happy mother of Emma, Noah, and Lila- Spearfish, SD

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