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Butterfly Day 2015

On Thursday, September 24, 2015 we celebrated Butterfly Day at Mountain View Elementary School in Spearfish, SD.    The Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation and sponsor for this event, Professional Mapping & Surveying, hosted a fun and educational day for Kindergarteners.

The Kindergarten Teachers and Therapists along with Foundation Volunteers presented a cooperative way to help children understand and respect individual differences and enjoy each other’s unique strengths.

The morning was full of hands-on butterfly craft projects; books such as We Are All Alike… We Are All Different; healthy snack creations and interesting discussion reinforcing multicultural and anti-bias learning and appreciation for children of different abilities.

Gross motor activities like Pillow Case Soccer and Foggy Glasses were enacted displaying how someone of different abilities might participate in routine play.

This class project promoted a rich opportunity to examine how our lives are transformed, and the beauty and uniqueness of us all with the overall message being that a child is like a butterfly in the wind.  Some can fly higher than others, but each one flies the best it can.  Each one is different.  Each one is special.  Each one is beautiful.

We are extremely grateful to Miss Betty, who inspired Butterfly Day at school; the Mountain View Elementary Staff for their willingness and participation; Principal Nick Gottlob for his acceptance and support; and to the entire Spearfish School District where Empowering All Students to Succeed in a Changing World includes everyone.

It is the grand vision of the Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation to expand this annual day of inclusion to encompass both primary and secondary education in our own community and beyond in the years to come.

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