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4th Annual Kenadi Jean Weis Memorial Scholarship Awarded

The Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation Scholarship Board selected Kendall O’Hara as their 4th annual Kenadi Jean Weis Memorial Scholarship winner.

Kendall is a third-year student at BHSU, double majoring in Elementary and Special Education.  She is from Dickinson, North Dakota, where she graduated from Dickinson High School with honors.  She is an athlete, a Dean’s List student, on board to assist with the BHSU Elementary Reading Program, was engaged with YJ Friends, and works as a server at Lucky’s 13 Pub.

In her free time, Kendall enjoys any outdoor activity, especially hiking and snowboarding.  When not appreciating the great outdoors, she loves to cook or sit down with a good book.

Kendall is enthusiastic about helping students with special needs and is happy that Black Hills State University offers a program allowing her to do so.  As a Special Education Teacher, she believes that no two children are alike and intends to discover the unique talents of each individual.

She plans to obtain her Masters in Special Education and believes that her creative and passionate traits will cultivate the genius in every child!

Congratulations Kendall O’Hara!

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