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The Sound of Music

On Wednesday, August 18, 2020 the City of Spearfish received its first piece of musical equipment at Rotary Park.

The addition of the Rhapsody Vivo Metallophone to our community was the brainchild of the Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation, whose vision is to create a Sensory Exploration Trail along the Spearfish Recreation Path.

The purchase of this great sounding, beautiful looking and long-lasting musical instrument was made possible through a grant from the Northern Black Hills Rotary Club and installation donated by the talented and hardworking crews at Ainsworth-Benning Construction.

This brief music stop will allow the hiker to encounter so much more than as if they were just passing through.  The power and joy of music is undeniable.  Combining it with the benefits of outdoor play can give us all a positive boost, helping us to be healthier and happier all around!

This outdoor musical instrument invites kids and adults of all ages and abilities to join the band.  So, grab a mallet and experience all 15 lush notes on this captivating instrument.  Young and not-so-young musicians can create their own music or sound out familiar tunes together.  Because it’s fully inclusive, everyone gets a chance to play along.

A sincere thanks to the City of Spearfish Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department for working together to shape a creative outdoor musical space.

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