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Adaptive Bike Debut

At the Benson Rally Bash held on Saturday, August 7, 2021, the Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation debuted their adaptive bike.

The foundation contacted Terrell Lemoine of Rayne, Louisiana to build one of his customized bikes.  Lemoine, who had retired after forty years with the Union Pacific Railroad, was wanting to take some time to enjoy his grandkids.  His first modified trike was built in October of 2017 for his grandson, and then a quad bike for two brothers down the street, before a neighbor girl with disabilities inspired him to build a wheelchair bike.

During Terrell’s retirement he has assembled, modified, painted and shipped hundreds of custom-built bikes to children with special needs all over the United States.  He has had requests for colors like Pink Lemonade and John Deere Green, but will coat it with whatever color you want.  Features may include a molded bucket seat, four-point harness, a canopy and an electric motor kit.

What a blessing to have him share his precious time and talent to better the lives of those in need.  Thank you, kind sir!


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