Executive Board

Meet Our Board Members & Volunteers



KellyKelly is the proud mother of Kenadi Jean, Kannan Marie, Kirby Jay and Kohen James, and founder of the Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation. She went to school at South Dakota State University and works as a Registered Nurse for Regional Health, as well as being the owner and operator of Ideal Way, Inc. in Spearfish, SD.  Kelly and KC reside with their family on a farm outside of Whitewood, SD. She misses her little June bug every moment of every day.  She misses everything from her beautiful long eyelashes and gorgeous big blue eyes to her contagious smile and excited squeal to her crooked big toes.  What she would give to share one more dish of coffee flavored ice cream with her, one more bath time routine, one more book to read and enjoy together, one more picnic, one more cuddle, one more day … but we all know that it still wouldn’t be enough.  Until we meet again sweet girl … today we are one day closer!

The world would be a beautiful place if we all lived with the determination, strength, love, and happiness that Kenadi achieved during her short time here on earth.


Vice President

RandyRandy is Kenadi’s honored Randpa and gladly serves on the Board of Directors.  He has been a land surveyor since 1979 becoming registered in 1991 and is licensed in multiple states. Randy is the co-owner of Professional Mapping & Surveying, a Lawrence County Commissioner, SD State Senator District 31 and holds memberships with numerous state and national professional societies. In addition to the KJW Foundation, he volunteers his time on several local boards and service organizations where his input is truly valued. 

Kenadi gave Randpa the best excuse to stay in bed in the morning and together they’d watch Bubble Guppies and Dora.  She loved reading books with him in his over-sized ‘papa bear’ chair especially the audio book, Around the Farm, where his imitation of the butterfly always elicited a smile.  They shared six-wheeler rides; racing her remote control car; playing on the iPad and an afternoon smoothie.    

Randpa asserts that he is the man he is today because of Kenadi and believes that there is nothing like a grandchild to put a smile on your face, a lump in your throat, and a love in your heart. 


Public Relations

LoriLori is Kenadi’s Gramma Jean.  Although she has a strong financial background and currently operates Professional Mapping & Surveying a woman-owned company, she claims that nothing is more rewarding than being a grandma.  Kenadi taught her more about living in five and a half years than she could ever hope to learn in an entire lifetime.  Gramma Jean misses her days spent with Kenadi sharing peanut butter waffles; swimming at the Rec Center pool; reading books in the library Mystery Room; singing along with Jack Johnson’s Better Together; making fruit smoothies, and lasting memories.  She will never forget the sparkle in Kenadi’s eyes, her knowing side smile; and happy ‘dolphin squeal’ or her quiet determination and unspoken love for her family. 

Gramma Jean continues to live and love in rural Spearfish, SD, and dreams of the day she and her beautiful Kenadi Jean will be reunited in Heaven. Until then, she will continue to advocate for all children with special needs and their families.



TessaTessa is Kenadi’s Auntie Tess and a proud board member of the Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation.  She currently calls Rapid City, SD home but grew up in Spearfish. There she teaches Kindergarten at Calvary Christian School, is an essential oils enthusiast, and enjoys entertaining others through community theater.  She and her husband Chris are the owners and operators of Jewel Windows Inc, and love spending quality time with their two children.

Kenadi opened up a world of positive change and taught her auntie about patience and how to stand up for what is right.  She misses making her laugh by doing crazy (sometimes body-bruising) stunts, her sideways gaze and all-knowing smile, and watching some of her favorite T.V. shows with her.