Respite Care

who doesn't need a little break

Respite Care is temporary relief care designed for families of children or adults with special needs. This care can be for a couple of morning or afternoon hours so the family member(s) can go grocery shopping or to an appointment; or for an evening while the person(s) takes a class or goes to a movie.

Caretakers often face major battles and stress as a result of balancing the requirements of their uniquely-abled child or adult with the needs of other family members. These breaks, that Respite Care offers, allow them the much-needed time to care for any other children or a spouse, but most importantly, to take care of themselves.

You can get more information and apply for South Dakota Respite Care at: (Respite Care/ South Dakota Department of Human Services)

The Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation has partnered with the Black Hills Family Support Coordinator and the Black Hills State University Special Education Program to find suitable caregivers for families who desire a Respite Care provider. Because, sometimes the most challenging part of Respite Care is finding someone willing and qualified to help.

Questions about South Dakota Family Support 360 can be directed to John New, Family Support, by calling 1.800.265.9684 or emailing

Please look into Respite Care for yourself through the Eldercare Locator (, the National Respite Network and Resource Center (, and the Family Caregiver Alliance (

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