Keeping Pace KPN90 Laced Orthopedic Athletic Shoe


Keeping Pace KPN90 Laced Orthopedic Athletic Shoe

The Keeping Pace KPN90 Laced Orthopedic Athletic Shoe is “blinged out” stylish and is a well-fitting sneaker that fits over AFO’s.

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Product Description

KeepingPace, Inc., founded by Lori Watson, the parent of a special needs child, has developed the first fashionable and durable shoe that fits easily and quickly over a brace/afo without being oversized for children who require braces to support their legs and feet.

“I was amazed that the shoes available would always be out of date and never took into account the latest fashions for these children,” said Watson. “We know how difficult it is to find special shoes that are contemporary, need little if any adjustment and are easily available and affordable.

“In developing the shoe, Watson brought together a team of other parents of special needs children, top orthotists, designers and a specialty footwear manufacturer Soletech, who worked for eighteen months to create an athletic shoe, the first of many styles that met the team’s vision.

KeepingPace shoe incorporates many features essential to this unique specialized market:

  • Contemporary fashion and stylish look
  • Engineered internally with adjustable depth technology
  • Wider heel and toe box that accommodates the orthosis without compromise
  • Distinctive sole with increased contact surface promoting greater medial/lateral stability
  • Ankle to toe speed lacing with locking eyelets for faster and ease of wearability
  • Geometrically-graded last that ensures precision fit
  • Fray resistant lining and high abrasion resistant toe cap to ensure durability

The company with offices in Gloucester and Salem, Mass. distributes its shoes through orthotists, specialty footwear shoe stores and directly from its web site at

In conjunction with its strategic partner Soletech, KeepingPace plans to expand its line of footwear in the near future. Its web site will also provide a vehicle where parents of children with disabilities can share and obtain information on parenting a disabled child. KeepingPace plans to create a foundation aimed at providing grants for research into many aspects of cerebral palsy and other children disabilities and to which it will donate a portion of its profits.

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