Legacy Bath Chair


Legacy Bath Chair

The Legacy Bath Chair is a pediatric bath/ shower chair for children with special needs.

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The Advance pediatric bath chairs are new improved bath/shower chairs for children with special needs. The Advance Bath Seat Size 2 is appropriate for children approximately 35″ (90 cm) to 47″ (120 cm) or 2 to 7 years old. The lightweight Advance Bath Chair is easy to fold for convenient storage and transport. This pediatric bath chair frame is made of aluminum and high performance polymers for an attractive and rust-resistant finish. The seat fabric is made of comfortably soft, breathable materials that will easily rinse clean between uses and can be removed for machine washing. The bath chair legs are covered with non-slip pads to protect the bathtub from scratches and prevent the chair from slipping in the water.

Adjustments are made simple with conveniently located levers that allow you to raise the height of the chair off the tub floor from 2″-17″ (5 – 42.5 cm). Adjustments can also be made between the back and seat support as well as the leg rest. With all of these positioning change capabilities, the Advance Bath Seat will ensure optimal comfort and postural support every time you bathe your child.

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Size 2 (2 to 7 years old)






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