Zippie GS Pediatric Wheelchair


Zippie GS Pediatric Wheelchair

The Zippie GS Pediatric Wheelchair is designed with a Built-in Grow System.

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Product Description

The Zippie® GS™ is designed to grow with kids, eliminating the need for expensive replacement wheelchairs every time your child shoots up a few inches.

The chair’s ability to adapt is rooted in it’s unique Built-in Growth System. The dual seat rails allow the seating system and accessories to be securely mounted without interference within the same small space. The chair’s durable hub is now stronger than its ever been, enabling the wheels to lock securely into place and eliminating dependence on the rear wheel’s tire pressure for a safe, locked position. Minimal adjustments are needed and cables are conveniently kept out of the way, making engagement of the hub lock a breeze. The locking mechanism provides multiple mounting positions for quick and easy access.


  • Full-length adjustable-height armrests
  • Designed to adjust to your child’s growth spurts
  • Extremely durable hub lock
  • Fully adjustable, universal axle plate allows the GS to be set up in standard or reverse wheel configurations
  • Light spoke wheels significantly lighten the overall load and are a great option for easy maneuverability
  • Swing-in/Swing-Out Footrests are excellent for confined spaces and are ideal for reduced hand dexterity
  • Optional One-Arm Drive with Dual Handrims is a proven design that’s easy to maneuver and offers trouble-free durability
  • Designed to interface with a wide variety of seating systems

Quick Overview

  • Full-length adjustable-height armrests
  • Designed to adjust to your child’s growth spurts


Weight (folding, without footrests): 25 lbs.

Weight (rigid, without footrests): 29 lbs.

Weight Capacity: 165 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.

Seat Width: 10″ – 18″

Frame Depth: 11″ – 20″

Height: 14″ – 20.25″

Overall Width: 19″ – 27″

Caster Options: 3″ – 8″

Rear Wheel Options: 12″, 16″, 20″, 22″, 24″

Medicare HCPCS Code: 1238 (folding) / E1237 (rigid)

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